Researcher in Biomedical Engineering
Tufts University
United States

Researcher in Biomedical Engineering


The Oudin lab investigates the mechanisms of cancer metastasis, the dissemination of cells from the primary tumor to other sites within the body, which is responsible for 90% of deaths linked to cancer. Chemotherapy is the standard of care for metastatic breast cancer, although many patients do not respond well or develop resistance to these drugs. The goal of our research is to understand the contribution of the components that surround and support tumors in these processes, such as the extracellular matrix of peripheral nerves, to better predict which tumors will metastasize and become drug-resistant, as well as find new ways to treat them. The Oudin lab uses in vitro and in vivo approaches to study cancer progression, microscopy ad electrophysiological methods.

What You'll Do

This is a limited term position for 1-2 years. This is a grant funded position and is not eligible for severance pay.

This lab technician job exists to assist in the daily lab maintenance and research support tasks for several research projects investigating the role of neuronal genes and nerves in breast cancer progression.


Essential Duties:

• Assisting in maintaining stock levels, making lab stock solutions for assays and culture medium
• Participate in lab duties maintaining shared lab space
• Cell culture: standard cell culture techniques of cancer cells, media preparation, cell expansion, cell storage
• Primary neuronal cultures dissected from adult mice
• Cell characterization using molecular biology and protein assessment techniques, as well as imaging methods
• Help with histology and tissue preparation
• Helping with in vivo experiments generating, monitoring and dissecting mammary xenograft tumors in mice
• Performing microelectrode array experiments on neuronal cultures
• Supporting postdoctoral scholars and PhD students on dissecting the role of neuronal genes and nerves in breast cancer progression

What We're Looking For

Basic Requirements:

• Knowledge and skills typically acquired by a BS degree in biomedical engineering, bioengineering or related field
• Wet lab, biological laboratory experience, experience with mammalian cell culture
• Ability to work accurately, effectively, within a team and independently under pressure and to meet deadlines
• Ability to manage work with minimal supervision.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills; highly self-motivated
• Demonstrated organizational skills and ability to pay close attention to detail
• Motivation to learn and grow in scientific expertise
• Ability to trouble-shoot technical issues
• Ability to plan and prioritize work while responding flexibly to rapidly changing priorities

Preferred Qualifications:

• BS degree in biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, materials engineering or related field
• Research experience in an academic lab
• Experience with neuronal cultures, histology or microscopy
• Ability to read scientific literature and adapt/design new protocols
• Accurate, detailed data and record keeping


Pay Range

Minimum $19.80, Midpoint $23.55, Maximum $27.30

Salary is based on related experience, expertise, and internal equity; generally, new hires can expect pay between the minimum and midpoint of the range.

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